Sunday, 10 February 2013

My top 5 San Francisco 49er pics

Since I finished putting together 'Sad in niners nation parts 1, 2 and 3, I decided to make a best of top 5. So without further adieu:

Jaeden Chung [IMAGE via Instagram]

#5 - I chose this pic 'cause of Jaeden concentrating. She can't even sit down to watch. Who would want her to? Gotta love a girl in J's but really it's dat ass! :)

Genevieve Chanelle [IMAGE via Instagram]

#4 - Looks like an ad for the lingerie football league. I'm guessing the X means touchdown?

Jayne Chen [IMAGE via Instagram]

#3 - Just a beautiful woman in her underwear and t-shirt. Would you be able to concentrate on the game?

Angelica Carrera [IMAGE via Instagram]

#2 - Angelica lookin' gangsta with the hat backwards, old school bomber jacket, chain and a gang sign? My bad it's a peace sign but the henny more than makes up for it.

Genevieve Chanelle [IMAGE via Instagram]

#1 - I'm imagining the football is something else... :)

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