Thursday, 16 May 2013

EAF Anaheim 2013 coverage - part 1

We here at Ms. Import Model didn't get to attend Extreme Autofest last weekend, so we decided to look through the eyes of Instagram and this is what we came up with.

We have a few of the girls taking pictures of themselves on their way to the show, including this sexy pic of Ellie Roxx pumping gas.

Find me at #EXTREMEAUTOFEST ! [IMAGE via Instagram]
Diamond Zaang [IMAGE via Instagram]
On the way to #extremeautofest!!! [IMAGE via Instagram]
So who's at Extreme Auto Fest ??!? [IMAGE via Instagram]
Almost there #eaf I swear [IMAGE via Instagram]
On my way to #extremeautofest , see you there [IMAGE via Instagram]
On my way to extreme autofest !!!! Can you guess who I am ?! [IMAGE via Instagram]
Can I be your Superman? On my way to #ExtremeAutofest! See you all there =) [IMAGE via Instagram]
I'm ready to Rock and Roll! #extremeautofest [IMAGE via Instagram]
It's May 11th! On my way to Extreme Autofest! See you there! [IMAGE via Instagram]
Lilly Evans [IMAGE via Instagram]
On my way to #extremeautofest Anaheim, California are you ready for me? [IMAGE via Instagram]
Just arriving to #extremeautofest ☺I'll be hanging out in the main model lounge. Come say hi ! *Hugs* [IMAGE via Instagram]
Notice how half of the girls posing in the car, aren't wearing seat belts. LOL. Pics just look better without them. Part 2 tomorrow!

Did we miss something? Comment or email us!

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