Tuesday, 21 May 2013

EAF Anaheim 2013 coverage - part 6

We here at Ms. Import Model didn't get to attend Extreme Autofest last weekend, so we decided to look through the eyes of Instagram and this is what we came up with.

If you missed part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 & part 5.

Ok I swear this is the last update for Extreme Autofest.

Hayle Cayaga [IMAGE via Instagram]
3rd person view lol #extremeautofest come say hi! I'm nice I swear [IMAGE via Instagram]
my mentor @helloraichelle since the beginning! She likes to tie me up [IMAGE via Instagram]
Good seeing these lovely ladies today! #extremeautofest @msashleyvee, @hello_janey, @helloraichelle, @elizabethtran626 [IMAGE via Instagram]
The sun was in my eyes in pretty much all of these pictures, lol. Some pics taken at EAF! I miss my Limitless Ladies! @ellieroxx24, @danyshun, @amyamesmodel, @helloraichelle, @april_gee [IMAGE via Instagram]
Ellie Roxx [IMAGE via Instagram]
Good morning from the ladies of Limitless Society! @ellieroxx24, @danyshun, @amyamesmodel [IMAGE via Instagram]
Finally reunited with @lilyfiguera it's always so wonderful seeing this beautiful girl. [IMAGE via Instagram]
I'm such a huge fan of @msashleyvee she's so adorable. Love her [IMAGE via Instagram]
With my love @msashleyvee [IMAGE via Instagram]
Ashley Vee & Jenna Lane [IMAGE via Instagram]
Charmaine Glock & Lyna Ly [IMAGE via Instagram]
Janis True [IMAGE via Instagram]
Bebe Layne & Lilly Evans [IMAGE via Instagram]
And the winner of the cosplay contest was...

Raichelle Viado [IMAGE via Instagram]
Did we miss something? Comment or email us!

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